Aerosol sunscreen is prohibited on all boats.

Q. Do I have to make reservations in advance?
A. To avoid scheduling conflicts all members must reserve their boat in advance. If boats are available at the time, last min. requests will be accepted.

Q. Do you need a boating license?
A. No. However, anyone born in or after 1988 is required by Florida law to take a free FWC approved boater safety course.

Q. Are pets allowed on the boats?
A. Yes. As long as you clean up after your pets, you’re welcome to bring them along.

Q. Do I need a fishing license?
A. Yes. Fishing licenses can be purchased at most sporting goods retailers. (WalMart, Bass Pro Shops, etc)

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
Members are free to cancel reservations at any time.
And we reserve the right to cancel reservations due to weather or mechanical issues when necessary.

Q. Are food and beverages allowed?
A. Members are welcome to bring food and drinks, coolers are provided by request. All items brought onboard must leave with you at the end of your rental.

Q. Are there life jackets on board?
A. Yes, all necessary safety equipment and adult size life jackets are on board. Child sizes vary greatly and it’s not possible for us to stock every variation available size. Parents should provide their children with properly fitting jackets.

Q. What should I wear?
A. SUNBLOCK!! You should always wear something to protect your skin. It gets hot and you can burn quickly. Otherwise, bathing suits, light clothing, hats, glasses or whatever else you are comfortable in being in the sun. Please remember, you are likely to get wet, if even only slightly, so bring items that can handle water. Aerosol sunscreen is prohibited on all boats.

Q. Is there shade on the boat?
A. Yes. All of our boats have tops.

Q. do your boats have GPS units.
A. Yes. All our boats have GPS units

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